These ares testimonials of our students about fitness programs at
Studio Jear!  There are
NO Zumba Fitness classes like the classes
@ Studio Jear Group Fitness!  This is the difference between
Zumba Fitness being taught by a novice or dance instructor and
being taught by licensed / certified fitness instructors!  THANK YOU
Testimonial from Zumbajearian after 2
Hour Zumbajam!!!

Hey Guys! I just wanted to let you both know that
today's class was awesome! I really look forward
to the 2 hour class.  My friend that I brought today
talked about the class the entire trip home saying
how much she really enjoyed the class.  She said
she will definitely be joining us again.  Thanks for
a wonderful class... ZUMBAJEAR ROCKS!!!!

Testimonial from Zumbajearian after 2
Hour Zumbajam
You have made working out truly fun! With
Zumbajear, you make it easier and enjoyable to
exercise and to take care of our bodies.  I used to
play tennis, but tore my achilles tendon while doing
so. So Zumbajear gave me an alternative that I
enjoy even more! Because of Studio Jear, I feel
good all over! Thanks to your dedication and

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Studio Jear Group Fitness  is far and away the best!! As other Zumbajearians have said, other so-called  
instructors simply miss the mark. You leave their classes frustrated and not feeling like you’ve had a
workout at all. But not when you leave a Zumbajear class! You leave one of their sessions knowing you’ve
had a workout BUT you also had fun!! The time just flies by in a Zumba class taught by Zumbajear. Let me
put it this way. Historically in my life I’ve not stayed with an exercise regimen for more than a few weeks or
maybe a couple months. I’ve been following Zumbajear around Jacksonville since the Fall of 2007!!!! Trust
me when I say that speaks volumes about Jerome and Arlene themselves and about how they provide true
Zumba classes. I’m familiar with the DVD series from the originators of Zumba so I know what’s really
supposed to take place in a Zumba class. Zumbajear is the real deal!! Thanks to both of you for providing
the type of professional, invigorating, and enjoyable exercise that keeps me coming back for more!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know why Zumbajear is so great!! I've done plenty of time in a gym and have
done jazzercise.  The gym gets very boring and you have to work at your own motivation (which I'm horrible
at!) and jazzercise was OK at the beginning but it gets to easy and I was walking out not that energetic
anymore.....Zumbajear is a totally different level.  Ive been doing it for a year and I am still pouring in sweat
and I ALWAYS feel awesome after class!! And talk about motivation....with people all around you doing the
same thing and a lot doing it much better, there's your motivation!! Please don't get Zumbajear confused
with any Zumba class.  Zumbajear should be called 'Zumba better than anyone else'!!   If you tried Zumba
at another class so have I and its fast you can't catch on and there is no teacher student relationship.
Jerome and Arlene help you until you have it and stay after and talk and throw parties and will work your
a$$ out (and off!!!)

Hi you guys!  This is CJ's mom and I am here now in Hawaii...Just want to let you guys
know that you both still by far the BEST instructors for Zumba class...Wish you can be
both be here in Hawaii to show the people here how it is REALLY done.....Hooooray!!!!!!

II've struggled with writing this
post, mainly because when it
comes to my weight, I was
ashamed. I reached my highest
weight ever around 250lbs, lots of
excuses went into my dismissal
of how unhealthy I was becoming-
4 kids, 2 sons with special needs
and Autism, college, and just life
in general. It was easier to ignore
it. Reality check set in when my
health declined, I was miserable,
tired all the time, depressed, and
staying at home. I decided I
needed a change, it wasn't easy
and it didn't happen overnight. I
started eating better choices,
walking, and going to Zumba
classes. I lost 30 lbs in about 7
months. I loved Zumba so much I
decided to become an instructor!
My weight was maintaining but I
struggled to lose. I started to let
those feelings of inadequacy
creep in. Then an amazing thing
happened, I found Studio Jear
Group Fitness! What I really found
was a 2nd HOME, people who
cared about me, supported me,
and pushed me! I worked hard
and trained harder. In the 4
months attending classes and
training, I've lost another 30 lbs,
toned up, and became stronger
than ever! My journey is not done,
but when I say I've been there and
I know the struggle, I mean it! All
this to say, don't give up! Keep
going! I'm here if you need me,
and I mean that! ❤

Sandra aka "FIREFLY" - Zumba
Fitness Instructor at Studio Jear
Group Fitness