Arlene & Jerome are a husband and wife fitness team in
Jacksonville, Florida.    Zumbajear! was born in August of 2008
and has been growing strong ever since!  No more subleasing
for Zumbajear!  April 17, 2010 marked the grand opening of
Studio Jear!  We've carefully selected additional quality
instructors and additional fitness programs!  We also provide on
site babysitting services for those who wanted to work out with
us but needed child care!

Jerome is a certified Zumba fitness instructor.  Jerome has
taught at various fitness clubs throughout the city of Jacksonville
and has instructed Zumba classes at two popular YMCA
locations in the city.  His classes typically contain no less than 70
people!  He’s been a certified group fitness instructor for 20
years, is AAFA certified and every class he instructs turns into a
workout party!   This is the
REAL deal folks - not a dance
instructor teaching Zumba but an actual 20 year fitness
instructor that's got the

Arlene is also a certified Zumba fitness instructor and works out
diligently side by side with her husband (if you can’t beat ‘em –
join ‘em! – right?) and is dedicated to the “Ditch the workout and
join the party!” philosophy.   The "behind the scenes" & why all
Studio Jear! events & appearances go sooooo smoothly...
ARLENE!!! aka marketer, negotiator, troubleshooter, fitness
trainer, web site host, communications, ...the list goes on...


Arlene & Jerome along with the entire Studio Jear Staff
each of their
students.  You will find the class atmosphere more of a
Zumba family than a bunch of strangers in a room for an
hour working out!

Join this dynamic duo for a TRUE fun filled  
experience  of group fitness that WILL give
you results!
About Studio Jear (aka Arlene & Jerome)
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